What’s New in DriveWare

Data Export


Credit Card Link


Address Lookup

DriveWare eSign Solution

Export Data to GoogleSheets

You can now access your recent orders, customers, and Drivers using a Google sheet document. Use your phone, tablet or any desktop system to open and view your orders  from anywhere. 

New Financial Dashboard

A new dashboard to view your company’s financial information. Click the dashboard button on the command bar and select Financial Dashboard.

You can select from different tabs in this window to display:

Top Customers

Monthly Sales Chart

Cash Flow and your Accounts Receivable Aging

Credit Card Payment Link

This allows you to send a payment link and let your customers pay for their orders or invoices online. This new service will use authorize.net and works with any processor. 

Our development team has made it easy for you to set up this new feature. 

Motorcoach Software

SMS automated reminders

DriveWare can now send automated SMS  reminders to your drivers. By default, it sends an SMS reminder 2 hours before each trip. You can change it to any number of hours. This is a feature that has to be turned on at the server level and runs a service.

Motorcoach Software

Address Lookup

we’re excited to announce a new addition to our address verification solution. As you look to expand your businesses within your country, we are expanding our capabilities to scale along with you every step of the way.

Just by typing the first three to five leter of your address, this will bring a dropdown menu with several address options for you allowing you to save time in the process.

Document esign

 DriveWare Esign Solution

With DriveWare, you can now send out your Contracts/agreements to your customers and have them sign in no time. Once it’s sign, you will recive a confirmation email with the signed document attached. 

We currently only support Foxit Esign.We use the API feature of this service.

 You can sign up directly with us and we can quote you a price.